We review each and every product that we use and sell carefully and have developed a set of standards that are applied to the salon overall. While our promise is to use products and hair color that are as free of potentially toxic ingredients and as natural as possible we know that all products have to be professional and performance driven. However all of our products need to meet our Green Standards.

We review items by 4 categories; Source Materials, Usage, Manufacturing and Disposal. Here are some of the things we consider in each category.

Source Materials – 90% of everything we utilize are natural/organic, sustainable or recycled.  We will not purchase, sell or use any products with toxins.

Usage – We are currently using wind sourced energy, LED and CFL lights where possible. We look to purchase only products that reduce our energy consumption.

Manufacturing -  We try and buy local whenever possible and purchase most of our items within less than 20 miles. We will not purchase, sell or use any products tested on animals.

Disposal – We review all new products for their disposal capabilities and try to only use products that are recyclable and preferably bio-degradable where possible.

We currently have a number of green features as part of our initial remodeling of the salon and opening the business.  Here is the active list of features.

* All Decor from Eco Conscious Companies

* Bee Products Sourced from Local NJ Bee Keepers

* Fair Trade and Organic Coffee & Tea Products

* Recycled Reception Desk Wrapped in Certified Green

* Wind Powered Energy & LED Lighting

* Low and No VOC Paints

* Recycled Paper Products from Bathroom to Office

* Eco Friendly Apple Computer Network

* Web-based Software System with Green Receipts

* Recycle Foils, Glass, Paper and Plastics Bottles

* Recycled Styling Chairs in Certified EcoTek Fabric

* Reclaimed Barn Siding Retail Area

* Reclaimed Wood Table and Tin Mirrors

* Only Eco Friendly Cleaning Supplies & Soap

* Sustainable Bamboo Towels & Brushes

* Eco Blowdryers & Energy Star Appliances

* Rainwater Harvesting for Plants and Flowers

Our Green Standards

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